Diamond Debit Card

The UnionPay Diamond Debit Card – Taking you to a journey of sparkles

The Unionpay Diamond Debit Card has been especially designed for the elite…for YOU!
This superbly crafted service offering takes privilege packages to a new level. The UnionPay Diamond Card acts like a gateway to wealth and lifestyle services,
reserved only for the distinguished few.

The card is your ideal choice when you travel abroad or purchase online from around the world. With the world-class security system, you don’t have to worry about carrying a large
sum of cash when travelling. Chip and PIN guarantees your transaction safety and secures your shopping experience whenever and wherever you are.

With global acceptance and unrivalled acceptance in Asia, your UnionPay Diamond Debit Card gives you access to your cash in local currency at ATMs displaying the UnionPay logo
in over 140 countries (both locally and overseas) and you can make purchases at millions of points of sale and global merchants online.

To add more sparkles to your journey, the UnionPay Diamond Card offers you a series of prestigious and exclusive privileges ranging from Concierge service (for Travel,
Entertainment and Shopping), access to over 900 airport VIP lounges, International Travel & Medical Assistance Service and all these privileges coupled with a Free Comprehensive Travel & Protection Insurance with Emergency medical expenses,  thereby bringing you extraordinary experience no matter when or where you are in the world.

Concierge Service

“Concierge” is not just for luxury or top-level enjoyment. With your UnionPay Diamond Card you can use our concierge service to help you with your daily affairs or special needs including travel, entertainment, shopping, business, and different personal requirements.

Wherever you are, you may receive our 24-hour exclusive UnionPay Concierge Service which is available all around the world.

Travel Pre-trip Inoculation and Visa Requirement Information
Hotel Referral and Reservation Assistance
Flight Information and Ticketing Assistance
Train or Rail Information and Ticketing Assistance
Entertainment Golf Course Referral and Reservation Assistance
Global Concert and Performance Assistance
Dining Referral and Reservation Assistance
Shopping Major Shopping Belts/Locations Informations Assistance

For assistance, all you have to do is get in touch with our on-call concierge on +27 11 541 1272
or email us at unionpmru@aspirelifestyles.com

International Travel & Medical Assistance

Travel with complete peace of mind with UnionPay Diamond card’s Travel & Medical assistance:

International Medical Assistance Telephone Medical Advice
Medical Service Provider Referral
Arrangement of Hospital Admission
Guarantee of Medical Expenses Incurred During Hospitalization & Monitoring of Medical Condition during Hospitalization
Medical Interpreter
Dispatch of Essential Medicine
Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation
Arrangement of Emergency Medical Repatriation
Arrangement of Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Arrangement of Compassionate Visit
Arrangement of Return of Minor Children
Arrangement of Accommodation
VIP Healthcare Assistance (Mainland China) Hospital/Clinic referral
Triage Assistance
Arrangement of specialist appointment
Arrangement of VIP Outpatient service
International Travel Assistance Lost Luggage Assistance
Lost Passport Assistance
Legal Referral
Emergency Travel Service Assistance
Emergency Interpreting Assistance
Embassy Referral
Emergency message transmission

For assistance, all you have to do is get in touch with our on-call concierge on +27 11 541 1272
or email us at unionpmru@aspirelifestyles.com

Access to over 900 Airport VIP Lounges

You may enjoy VIP service and various desserts and snacks in a number of VIP lounges at global airports to make each of your journeys relaxing
You can enjoy VIP service for whatever class you may take
• Enjoy a glass of wine, food and catch up on some work in 904 lounges worldwide at your convenience
• Benefit from up to 25% discount in airport restaurants around the world
• Free Wifi
• Access to newspapers and magazines
• Access to spas and nail bars (where applicable)

Please click here to view the list of Airport Lounges where you may get access via your Dragon Pass membership

Get your Dragon Pass membership by following the simple steps below:

Either Via Dragon Pass App
On your smart phone:
1. Go to APP Store or Google Play.
2. Search for “DragonPass”, download the application
3. Login/register your account, and here you go
Clients will have to present the QR code to have access to the lounge.

Or Via Dragonpass website

By completing the online form:

Step 1: Cardholder logs into this website

Step 2: Cardholder fills in the 16 digital numbers of the UnionPay Diamond Card on different pages that will be redirected accordingly
Step 3: Cardholder selects the membership card type and corresponding entitlements, and provide cardholders’ details
Step 4: Cardholder makes payment on UnionPay-UPOP, and receipts can be downloaded or printed out freely.
Step 5: Cardholder will receive confirmation via SMS (Membership Card Number, password and URL linkage)
Step 6: Cardholder gains access to the lounge by presenting QR code & boarding pass


Comprehensive Travel & Protection Insurance with Emergency medical expenses

Travel with complete peace of mind with the Comprehensive Travel & Protection Insurance with Emergency medical expenses that covers you both at home and overseas:

Benefits Benefit limit (amounts up to)
Purchase Protection
Per occurrence USD 3,000
Per aggregate USD 20,000
Extended Warranty
Per occurrence USD 500
Per aggregate USD 20,000
Lost & Stolen
Fraudulent Charges Card Lost
Per occurrence USD 2,000
Per aggregate USD 4,000
Fraudulent Charges Card Not Lost
Per occurrence USD 2,000
Per aggregate USD 4,000
Travel Insurance
Travel Accident – Full Cover – International USD 150,000
Travel Accident – Full Cover – Domestic USD 150,000
Travel Accident Common Carrier- International USD 1,000,000
Travel Accident Common Carrier- Domestic USD 100,000
Emergency Medical Expenses USD 1,000,000
Evacuation & Repatrition USD 2,000,000
Hospital Daily Benefit USD 1,200
Cancellation USD 7,500
Curtailment USD 7,500
Trip Delay (9 hours) USD 100 per hour
Missed Connection USD 650
Lost of Bagage USD 3,000
Baggage Delay USD 480

Please ensure you refer to the full terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Please click here to download the document

Local and international offers and discounts

Enjoy exclusive privileges and offers with thousands of popular merchants locally and around the world via UnionPay’s “U Collection”.
Please click here to access to the “U collection”.

Security tips

Precautions to take with your Diamond Debit Card:

1. Sign your card as soon as you receive it.
2. Keep a note of your card number and file it in a safe place separate from the card.
3. Keep your card in a secure place, and treat it as if it was cash.
4. Do not forget to take your card/cash from an ATM or POS merchant after completing your transactions.
5. Make sure that the card is always swiped in your presence.
6. Verify sales amount before inserting your PIN at the POS merchant.
7. Watch and make sure only one sales slip is printed for each transaction at merchant’s point of sales.
8. Keep the customer’s copy of your sales slips and check them against your statements.
9. Destroy the PIN advice after memorizing it. For extra security, change your PIN regularly at the ABC Banking ATM.
10. Do not let anyone else use your card and PIN.
11. Never keep any written record of your PIN close to your card.
12. Do not choose obvious numbers for your PIN such as your ID Card Number, or Date of Birth.
13. Do not write down or record your PIN without disguising it.
14. Make sure your PIN is protected from view when you use the ATM or any other electronic payment terminal.
If you think someone has seen it, change it.
15. Be alert about strange/ suspicious objects near the ATM like tiny cameras overlooking the keypad,
skimming devices, transparent overlays on ATM keypads, etc.