First Time Login Activity (FTLA)

Fund Transfer

Getting Started

Follow the steps below to complete your First Time Log-in Activity on your Corporate Internet Banking platform:

  1. Log on and click on the corporate navigation tab to access Corporate Internet banking;
  2. Log in with your temporary credentials (temporary Username, Password and Corporate ID) received by email;
  3. You will receive an OTP (One-Time Password) by SMS and/or email;
  4. Enter and validate the OTP
  5. Once Logged in, you will be redirected to the configuration setup page also known as ‘First Time Log in Activity page’:
  6. Set your new and permanent username
  7. Set your new password (Min 8 Alpha-Numeric characters with at least 1 capital letter and at least 1 special character e.g. $)
  • Set your security questions (Do not use special characters and/or spacing)
  1. Set your preferred OTP channel; email and/or SMS (both recommended). If you are a resident, it is recommended to select both SMS & email. If you are a non-resident, please select Email only.
  2. Click on submit to complete the exercise;
  3. The platform will redirect you to the IB login page. Log in using your newly set credentials.

Follow the below steps to change your OTP channel:

  1. Login to the IB platform
  2. Go to ‘My Settings’
  3. Select second level authentication
  4. Click Yes on the notification message
  5. Enter OTP sent by email and/or SMS
  6. Choose authentication option and submit*

*We recommend to select both options (email and/or SMS)

If you have forgotten your password, please follow the below steps to reset your password.

  • Enter your Username
  • Enter your Corporate ID
  • Click on Reset Password
  • Answer security questions
  • Enter OTP sent by email and/or SMS
  • Enter New Password
  • Confirm New Password
  • Click on Reset Password
  • Go back to login page and login with your New Password

If you have forgotten your username, please follow the below steps to reset your username.

  1. Enter your Mobile Number
  2. Enter your Account No
  3. Enter your Corporate ID
  4. Answer security questions
  5. Click on Submit
  6. Enter OTP sent by email and/or SMS
  7. Go back to login page and login with the new username which will be sent to your email and/or SMS

Follow the below steps to create a beneficiary:

  • Click on “Beneficiary”
  • Select Company account
  • Choose ‘Transaction Product’ (this refers to your transaction type i.e., ABC Banking Account transfer or other local banks transfer or international transfer)
  • Click on “create”
  • Fill in the Beneficiary details and click on “create” again
  • Your Beneficiary will be saved

You may also create or save a Beneficiary when completing a fund transfer via “Send Money”. once transfer details and beneficiary details are filled in, click on ‘Save Beneficiary’ and ‘Add Nickname’

  • the Beneficiary will be saved when you submit the transaction

We invite you to get in touch with your Relationship Manager for further assistance.


Our Internet Banking portal gives you access to your account/s anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week; at your own comfort and convenience.

You can enjoy a full range of services when using our Corporate Internet Banking:

  • Perform various daily transactions online;
  • Check balances on accounts and view records of your transactions;
  • Transfer funds between accounts, i.e., your ABC Banking Account bank or other local banks or international banks;
  • Download or print statements;
  • Access your account 24/7;
  • Save and Manage Beneficiary details for future use.

A One-Time Password (OTP) is a six-digit numerical code sent in real time by SMS/Email to your registered mobile number/ email address while login or performing a transaction. It is valid for a one-time session. A new OTP will be generated each time you will login or process a new transaction.

We recommend you access the Internet Banking platform with the latest browser versions available for your computer’s operating system. (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari…)*

*Please avoid using Windows Explorer.

Charges applicable are as per our tariff guide available at

You may need your security questions:

  • in case you forgot your password or username, Security Questions are used for authentication and verification of your identity.

You may get logged out from your Internet Banking session abruptly due to the following reasons:

  • You used the Back / Forward / Refresh button of your browser
  • You clicked twice on any options/buttons
  • There was no activity in the browser window for a specific timeframe
  • You logged in from another browser window. You tried to access the Internet Banking page from a saved or static page.

Service Requests

To view your transaction details or transaction history, you may:

  • Click on ‘Corporate Account’
  • Choose the account
  • Click on either ‘View Details’ or ‘Statement’
  1. By clicking on ‘View Details’, you will have access to the last 10 transactions on your account.
  2. If you wish to access your detailed statement for a specific period, click on the Statement icon
  • Select the Corporate Account
  • You may view your statement by either clicking on transaction date or period:
  • By opting for transaction date, you may view your transaction details from one specific date to another. On the other hand, by selecting transaction period, you will have access to a pre-defined period. e.g last one month or last two months

Follow the steps below to download your transaction details:

  • Click on the ‘Detailed statement’ icon
  • Select your preferred Corporate account
  • Either select transaction date or transaction period by clicking on the selection button
  • Click on the Download icon

You may also choose to view your transaction details or send them by mail by clicking on the view icon or on the send mail icon respectively.

  • You must check if the correct channel has been selected, that is, SMS only or Email only.
  • If the mobile phone number is correct and you do not receive the OTP, you can generate another OTP by clicking on ‘Resend OTP’. If the SMS or email still does not reach you, please call our Contact Centre on (+230) 206 8000 for technical support or directly contact your Relationship Manager for further assistance.

Security and Safe Banking

Trusted device – a device you use frequently, such as your personal mobile phone, tablet, or home computer. If you don’t want to enter a one-time code every time you sign in to your services, you can mark your computer or mobile device as trusted. With trusted computers and devices, you don’t need to enter a verification code each time you sign in.


Untrusted device – a device, such as a phone, tablet, or computer that has not been authenticated. You have to enter a one-time code/token every time you log in from such a device.

You can protect your account on the Internet by ensuring the below general precautions:

– Ensure your password is kept secret and change it as often as possible

– Create long password difficult to crack

– Avoid using public WIFI to access your internet banking platform

– Ensure your computer of other devices are equipped with the latest antivirus

– Ensure the website you are visiting is secure:

  1. If the address bar is visible, the URL should start with ‘https://’ (‘s’ for secured) rather than the usual ‘http://’
  2. If the address bar is not visible as in our Internet Banking website, look for a lock icon on the browser’s status bar

– Of note, never respond to emails that request any personal information

This is a security feature inbuilt during registration process. At the time of registering, 3 questions of your choice must be set with replies. These answers will be known only to you and will be used for verification from time to time.

To change your security questions, follow below steps:

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Click the Security tab above your name
  3. Click Update under “Security questions.”
  4. From the “Security question 1” and “Security question 2” dropdown menus, select a question and type its answer
  5. Click Save

You must immediately contact your Relationship Manager or call the bank on (+230) 206 8000 should you suspect any unauthorized transaction in your account.

If you suspect your password has been exposed or stolen, you are strictly advised to log in and change your password as per the password policy.

To change your password, you have to:

  • Login on the Internet Banking platform
  • Click on ‘My Settings’
  • Select ‘Change Password’
  • Enter Old/Current Password
  • Enter New Password
  • Confirm New Password
  • Click on ‘Save’
  • The platform will redirect you to the login page
  • Enter your credentials including the changed password
  • Click on Login

Further help

You may contact us on (+230) 206 8000 for any additional assistance.