Founded in 1931 by Sir Jean Etienne Moilin Ah Chuen, ABC store was a pioneer in the capital of Mauritius. ABC, standing for “Au Bazar Central” (i.e. At the Central market) or “Aux Bonnes Choses” (i.e. a place where you can find Top Quality Products and Service) was the stepping stone to what ABC Group was to become in less than a century.

ABC has diversified its operations from trading under Chue Wing & Co. Ltd to insurance activities by launching Good Harvest, the main accredited agent of the Mauritius Union Assurance in 1976.

After the diversification in Foods manufacturing with the establishment of Oriental Foods and the launch of Shipping and Logistics activities through Union Shipping and Speedfreight, ABC reached a high point of its success by becoming the official distributor of Nissan in Mauritius in 1985. From then on, the group expanded its services in the automobile industry by manufacturing bodies for buses and distributing automotive products, among others.

In the 1990’s and the year 2000’s, ABC Group took the business to the next level by pursuing its operations in the financial sector. In that spirit ABC Finance and Leasing, ABC Global Management Services, ABC Datacall and ABC International (Seychelles) were set up.

In 2010, ABC Finance and Leasing was converted into a fully-fledged bank: ABC Banking Corporation. The bank is now established in the financial centre of Port Louis at Place d’Armes. ABC Banking Corporation operates in Retail, Corporate and International Banking.

More than 80 years after its first operations with Sir Jean Etienne Moilin Ah Chuen, the ABC Group now plays a major role in the Mauritian economy. With a turnover exceeding MUR 4,6 billion in 2012, the Group employs more than 1,300 people in Mauritius, Seychelles and Mozambique.