To be the preferred and trusted bank in our stakeholders’ quest for success and value creation


We strive to delight our customers whilst delivering on our responsibilities towards the country, community & environment.

We shall also drive the continuous development of the bank as one team, whilst catering for diverse interest, providing development opportunities for individual talents.

Furthermore we commit to uphold the shareholders’ and all stakeholders’ trust in us.


  • RESPECT AND INTEGRITY : We greatly respect and value our history, culture and traditions, our country and our planet, our ancestors and our elders. We are honest with ourselves and to others.

  • CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION:  With an entrepreneur spirit, we constantly seek for and act selectively on new opportunities within the framework of risk management whilst constantly applying ourselves to create and innovate.
  • CUSTOMER CARE: We delight our customers through quality products and services and we put our minds and hearts to give full satisfaction to our customers.
  • PASSION: Passionate about what we do, we strive to achieve excellence, value creation, equity and fairness.