To be the preferred and trusted bank in our stakeholders’ quest for success and value creation


We strive to delight our customers whilst delivering on our responsibilities towards the country, community & environment.

We shall also drive the continuous development of the bank as one team, whilst catering for diverse interest, providing development opportunities for individual talents.

Furthermore we commit to uphold the shareholders’ and all stakeholders’ trust in us.



    A Commitment to Always do the Right Thing, No Matter what the Situation or Potential Gain Involved

    • We adhere to our ethics and principles as well as to all laws under the constitution of our country 
    •  We uphold the highest levels of professionalism in all that we do 
    • We will always advise our clients towards that which is in their best interest 
    • We endeavor to provide the best products and services to all our clients 


     An Inner Desire to Keep Advancing and Progressing in the Face of Adversity 

    • We believe strongly that hard work and perseverance will always pay-off 
    • We have the passion and hungriness to continuously push back the limits of the impossible 
    • We show courage and boldness when times become uncertain and tough 
    • We will adjust and be flexible to changing conditions while we continue our progress 


     To Have a Strong Sense of Belonging and Dedication to the Groups’ Activities, Beliefs and Values. 

    • We consider our people as part of the ABC family 
    • We stick together in good as in difficult times – learning from our mistakes along the way 
    • We believe in building a Group that can be trusted and relied upon 
    • We are committed to creating a prosperous ABC family as part of an affluent Mauritian nation


    The Zest to Continuously Come up with New and Creative Solutions Amidst Changing Times 

    • We aim to stand out – offering an Avant-Garde Banking Experience 
    • We encourage, recognize and reward our people for continuously coming forward with new initiatives and ideas 
    • We believe that digitalization and technology are the premises on which everything that we build should be linked 
    • We empower our people and consciously work together to leave a strong legacy 


    The Dedication to Deliver the Utmost Level of Customer Experience 

    • We believe that the foundation of any business that we undertake is based on the rapport of trust that we establish with our clients. 
    • We listen to our clients – understanding their uniqueness and coming forward with the most appropriate offers and services. 
    • We will push ourselves to great lengths in order to live up to the ABC Banking Service DNA 
    • We believe that our internal clients are as important as our external clients – inspiring each other towards maintaining our client centric approach.