We are committed to make ABC Banking Corporation Ltd a great place to work by creating an engaging, inclusive and rewarding environment, where our people can make a difference. Equality & Diversity as well as people empowerment is our motto. We encourage and focus on the behaviours that bring out the very best from every employee, assessing their performance not just on results but on how those results were achieved.

Being one of the pillars of our newly set up bank, the Human Resources & Administration Team of ABC Banking Corporation Ltd is faced with the challenge to identify, attract, employ and retain talent, whilst providing employees with the required tools and support for them to be empowered in their role. We thus aim at sustaining healthy business with the vision of becoming our stakeholders preferred and trusted partner.

We place great emphasis on continuous improvement to increase productivity and reduce administrative tasks, so that employees can spend more time in rewarding activities that add value to the organisation.
No job vacancies!
We do not have any vacancies at the moment but, if you think you could make a contribution to our company, send us your CV using the link on the left hand side. We will contact you should a vacancy occur that matches your profile.